Taylors Tales

Chris’s Corner Episode #85 Super Physiological Chicken, Broccoli with Derek(More Plates More Dates)

April 24, 2022

This week on Chris's Corner I speak with Derek from More Plates More Dates. Derek is known for his killer analysis of pre-workout supplements, the use of PEDs, the fitness industry, and blood work. The conversation goes from his origins as a dating advice site to why not to do a dirty bulk in order to gain lean mass. There is also a sprinkling of memes, lean beef patty, Derek giving us all a chuckle and why not to do PEDs at a young age. At this point you're aware that this isn't the real Derek from More Plates More Dates but I tried to make his answer as fun and entertaining as possible. I hope you enjoyed this More plates More Dates orientated podcast and as always I hope to see you this time next week.

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